Tusk Force 

Our Land Development inside the Sandbox Metaverse will be documented here as we update everyone with announcements, concept art and gameplay videos as we build our experience. 

Why Sandbox?

We picked Sandbox Metaverse as the location for our Tusk Force Metaverse as we align with the project's fundamentals to build an open metaverse that can stand against what we call competition that is the Web 2.0 metaverses. Adoption could come with some big corps threatening an open metaverse, as their business models go against a decentralized internet where users own their digital assets. Sandbox Metaverse is one of the leading creator friendly decentralized metaverses around in our opinion, and the upcoming merge to Matic network also aligns with our project's vision of reducing the number of high gwei/gas and tx fees for our hodlers and making it possible for all to participate.


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...

Tusk Force Labs Artist Academy

During the later phase of our Roadmap we want to introduce the Tusk Force Labs Artist Academy a decentralized space for any Vox Artists to apply to be a member of our Academy were you can submit VoxAssets created by yourself or VoxAssets created from the Art Bounties list which will be a list of assets we are targeting to create and use in our space. Selected assets will be used in our season passes, and rewards for the Tusk Fore Metaverse. Artists will retain 100% royalties on any assets they create. We want to create a space for artists to be able to demonstrate their talents as well as have an opportunity to showcase their work inside the metaverse as they also get paid for their work through royalties on mint sales.                      

More information will come, as we get closer to Phase 2.0 - Docs will be updated.