Tusk Force 

What is 
Tusk Force?

The 10th realm of the World Tree

Unbeknown to many, the great world tree Yggdrasil has many other realms inside the metaverse outside of the Nine. Tusk Force is the 10th realm and where our metaverse MMO takes place. Your journey begins in the land of Lok’Tar  which is home to the Elephantalz; As you explore the various lands and realms inside our metaverse. Complete Quests and fight to earn weapons and NFTs as you prepare yourself for The Arena.

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Genesis Collection

0.04 ETH

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How Tusk Force works

Each Genesis will be eligible to earn $TUSK via snapshot airdrops. $TUSK is the utility token that fuels our ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value. 1 $TUSK = 1 $TUSK

Our Genesis collection will earn you $TUSK which can be used inside our Sandbox Metaverse experience in a variety of methods and further explained in our Whitepaper.

Tusk Force Metaverse will be an MMO P2E where players will have an opportunity to earn assets, equipment, NFTs, and more rewards by completing Quests and participating and fighting in The Arena in hopes to become the Champion and walk away with the prize. Genesis collection also gives you select access to The Arena, which would otherwise need $Sand to be able to participate in. Fees used to enter The Arena will go towards the winner's pot prize. $TUSK will also be used in various other methods which will be announced in the next phase of the Roadmap.


Below is a link to our Whitepaper on Gitbook.